"After studying Fine Art for 4 years at the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, Chulalongkorn University, and my 5 years of experience in entertainment production such as dramas, advertisements, short films, and social media campaigns, I believe that collaborative work offers enhanced value and more feasibility. Working as a team allows each team member to apply their strengths and talents to move the task forward efficiently. I believe and trust that all opinions and perspectives are equally significant.  


Providing a definition of attractiveness in a work of art is not simple, as it is subjective and varies with time. However, it exhibits that the most important thing is not the beauty or personal preference but to me the good story is a major key.  


In the digital era, everything is brief, concise and changing. Working in the entertainment sector assures me that a story is not only the story. Everyone wants to tell their own story in order to engage an audience to immerse themselves in the story.   


The digital era is where everyone has the equal rights. The individual has the right to create the space for his own script. The question is does it add value to the story? Does it develop our own self, or is it the opposite way in which the story is devalued or distorted without the facts? With these questions, I decided to study the Master’s degree, Digital Direction at School of Communication, Royal College of Art, London. During the 15 months, it changed my perspective on this world, not completely but significantly enough for me to change something. Through the 15 months when I tried several new things, such as digital techniques - coding, AR, VR, 3D, 4D, sound scape, projecting, etc., I realised that digital technology is not only a mobile phone or social media in which the world is limit to a square screen but also includes many different new things in this world. That is why I believe that the value of a story can be created if we choose the appropriate narrative method. 


From the interest in storytelling and the perspective on creating experience regardless of the places or objects presented to the audiences via technology, what the audience perceive is the most important outcome.”

I am a storyteller who fascinating in visual illusions and sensual aesthetics, presented by new technology, moving images and 3D visuals, space to create an immersive experience

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