The concept.

In the future world, people enter the Trans-human world. The most advanced step of Trans-human evolution is immortality. This has brought about two-way impact,with the

development of science and technology and abundant resources, immortal people delay sexual maturity indefinitely, which leads to longevity and immortality, Because of immortality, they lose interest in love and reproduction. They even become autistic and unwilling to communicate with their peers. So the world will become more and more desolate, and human evolution will stagnate, because genes are expanding constantly, without the desire to expand, everything will not evolve again. The social effect will change from active to static. Human society is not competitive and loses the possibility of progress. So death and birth are just an infinite concept of time, a way to ensure the fluidity of life.

Essentially, the inheritance from generation and reproduction is a kind of eternal life, the eternal life of human race; it is immortality in a larger worldview.

Location: Hampstead Heath Park



Crews: Pair Nicha  / Mengge Qin  /  Kingsley Tao  / Shawn He

Film duration: 8.18 minute  

The Process Video

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