The HF ArtsFest

is an annual event that takes place in the Hammersmith & Fulham borough, West London. It hosts activities, art performances, workshops and talks all around the area, promoting local artists and associations. Once again, the Royal College of Art was glad to participate to the initiative.

As part of the RCA, from the 1st to the 9th of June 2019 our task was to create something special.


The Old Laundry Yard was our location for the festival, a renewed space in the middle of the Shepherd’s Bush Market lane, home to new, a young community and co.working spaces.



By leveraging the overall mood of the community, we created an alternate reality of the Shepherd’s Bush Market where things were… going to happen. We called it The Fire Side. 


Our plan was to bring new life to the market with: 


  • week-long engagement: the community was invited to share stories, objects, photos and memories with us by engaging with orange mysterious objects placed along the market lane;

  • a media planning with online and social media presence;

  • final gathering + performance: which the stories collected eventually took life in a live storytelling performance, the actual Fire Side

The voice of the market/ Script


“It got quiet”

“Every day is just like the other day”

“No events take place here. Nothing has changed.”

“This is a market, that's all.”


“We are in a market, it’s different near a market.”

“Stories please” “Can we have stories?”


“Everything you can find in the market, from A to Z.”

“I always come here to this shop.”

“It was so inviting. It feels very homey”

“It’s kinda like you go and talk with your grandma, for example.”

“One day is not enough. I could talk to you for days.”

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