Sense of Nonsense 

Sense of Nonsense
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The spirits, the things that are constantly arising in my mind are from my childhood memories. Before bedtime, during family dinner, so I felt that I could commit myself and absolutely respect the teachings of religion. That was the starting point for me to pay attention to topics about beliefs. I believe in things that are invisible. But why do invisible things strongly affect the people in this country? How much has it changed our minds or behaviour? And, how does it affect us today as well as the Thai people and Thailand itself? However, with these questions, combined with the interest of creating an immersive space.  Experimenting with the human perspective and technology with endless potential, I would like to apply those technologies with the viewpoint of shaping human behaviour through storytelling by film and soundscape. I intend to play with human consciousness and the creation of a space in which the participants can be a part of this work. The viewer has the right to create a view to see the story by themselves, choosing to listen to the story as much as they desire, combined with the use of Digital Interactive to make the viewers emotionally engaged like Thai people with a feeling of attachment. As I mentioned, it is fascinating and it is a trap.

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