Identity’s definition

“Identity begs the question: to what extent is it designed or
emergent? Is identity defined and redefined through engagements with digital
technology, including our social and professional lives, or does identity transcend its mediation? Looking beyond the surface of identity - beyond the noise of all those selfies, tweets and brands – is digital mediation changing the ethics of identity, of our interactions, even our sensory experience of the world?” So we ended up with some personal ideas to what extent the word “identity”.



We bring some technics from the latest workshop to compile the ideas that we proposed the most prior to our project.


1.Ethnographic research

4.Idea Prioritisation
Must - Should - Could - Won’t

2.Sharing Inspiration
Exceptional storytelling example/ write down all ideas(insights) on post its

3.Insight Analysis
Affinity mapping (them under labels)


In philosophy, systems theory, science, and art, emergence occurs when “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts,” meaning the whole has properties its parts do not have. These properties come about because of interactions among the parts.

We went to the center of London ground with an estimated 700,000 people from all over the UK marched peacefully on parliament to demand a second referendum on Brexit. Personally, this is amazing to see so many people come (collect) together for marching and support of a people’s vote. 

After we spoke to people who have collected themselves as a form of group. This helped us realise that collective identity has something related to emergence. For the next stage is to find the solution of how can we describe or explain clearly about the story of Collective Identity into some visualisation.

-should involve *repetition*/repeating activity/ritualistic behaviour
-should involve *tackling a larger crisis* that needs many people to solve through cooperation
-Each person should feel like they are contributing- so they each have to have a *unique superpower* so there is no competition, but rather everyone is important
-Each person should *build on something* done by the previous person
-Together they could perhaps come up with some type of *codified language* involving shapes that only members of the collective would understand by the end.

After we went to Brexit, to corroborate on how people think of identity. How identity could emerge in large amounts of people. One thing that became quite clear was that Identity seemed to be perceived as a set of collected stories, governed by one’s upbringing, background, and education. While nobody is limited to just one story or identity, autonomous individuals are free to subscribe to as many stories or identities as they wish. Being a part of something larger seemed to validate an individual’s own autonomy and identity. “

The most important question is how can we recreated something (game) that could be able to collect human behaviour which effected from individuals to the group and emerges specific identity as well.

And also how can we design an experience to help us better understand the nature of Collective Identity.

We created a new platform for the card game, new rules, and unlimited players. the card game was very interesting and fun but we do not have much or confident that the game could answer the question of emerge collective identity in an effective way.  

This is an idea of Classic Cooperative gameplay tactics:

  • Synergies in skills

  • Shared goals

  • Shared effort multiplies rewards 

  • Capture the flag - capture as a unifying force 

How to make people act collectively. Use a collection mechanic. They have to work together to collect something.

We created a new non-language (unreadable) patterns. Our conclusion is that the collective identity and cohesion is effective when there is a global issue that is unsolvable by one agent. Also giving each agent a role with special powers is also important. Success can only be achieved by using a combination of those powers. Arguments erupted and some decisions were not accepted by the whole group but there was a strong instinct to stick together. 

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