Never Ending Meals

Throughout my life in Bangkok, the The place that you have the ability to find affordable food price on almost any street corner. I have always been curious how much food people waste in a day. Also, how about in a year?  One third of the food produced in the world or approximately 1.3 billion tonnes every year for human consumption gets lost or wasted. Yes, one third! I look back and realise instead of wasting food for nothing why we do not at least try to make an effort to transform a piece of food waste into something more valuable. I explored Thai people's habits before creating the application, and many people refused to admit about the excess food tho. Converting food waste or excess food into a meal for feeding homeless animals (local non-profit) is probably the best answer for us, the animals, and of course our world. :)    







Only select the dishes, which are provided on the application, and we will be there as soon as possible

to collect your fresh meal


the food categories not only to avoid toxic or unhealthy food, but also to recycle the food waste and turn it into 

usable material in terms of the agricultural aspect.







Our attempt is to deliver food from those who do not need it to a place that needs it. Reduce the food waste problem! We try to create convenience for both the purchaser and buyer save money and resources and most importantly, no more animals will be left to starve!


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