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Updated: Mar 1

I am interested in the topic of Thai belief or religion because as everyone knows Buddhism has made a deep impact on Thai society in many respects. For me, I think

this is the only thing that makes Thai people live together peacefully. It profoundly engaged with us for a long time.

It is like magic, where everyone has faith or blindly believe in the sole powers of magic

in a way.

One thing that very obvious is that we always use an object or symbol to be a representative of our ceremony. We worshiped something inexplicable like

animal sculptures or shrines.

The main reason is that people who lack self-confidence or feeling lost may

feel the need for some additional psychological support, which they find in

such talismans and magical objects like I said before.

To me, the most interesting thing is not about figure or place, instead it is about our deep-rooted belief in something intangible. It is everywhere and everyone has it but

no one talks about or can explain it properly.

So I started questioning of the reason

Why we behave in this particular way?

What and When we normally do? 

Where does it happen?

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