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Updated: Jan 3

I came up with the story of “THE ROUND OF EXISTENCE”. The main idea of the round of existence is that time does not exist. There are 3 main steps in this cycle. We gave birth, live, die and rebirth again. Some being in the heavens and reborn as a human if your mind is pure, Some being ghost or spirit if they do not have enough virtue.

In the film, the script is about the story of spirit commemorate the presence of the dead and the decayed memories of the living. Spirit links the story between the worlds of the dead and the living.

The Round of Existence is the reason to explain why spirit still being existed.

Spirit, ether he or she, wakes up in the same room every morning, sees the same sunrise, tries to find a narrative of living (like he did when he was a human). But there is one thing that made him different from us because he is invisible so he can capture the human's feeling, captured the intangible feeling inside a human’s mind.

All the locations based in Thailand, most of the footages recorded in my hometown Bangkok, and Nongkhai beside the Mekong River. Much of my footages were shot in usual locations to present a normal routine of Thai people. First scene present the story of birth or rebirth and being awareness . City is the second location, present the state of being exist, craving and ignorance. And the final part which were shot in Mekong river, present the feeling of Liberation, calm, understand and release.

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