is a community where provides all the sources of inspiration for audience to sustainably develop themselves, for themselves and for the world as a better place



  • We didn’t see the world is unhoped, but we found the potential that the world possibly be a place where makes everyone beautifully happier.

  • We are the channel to communicate the true stories about everything around you


All the contents were created will be intended to make the world to be a better place for everyone by:

  • Be compromised to avoid conflict.

  • Be strong to future bright the belief to get everyone’s chance to perform.                                                                                             

  • Be considered of mindfulness and peacefulness.

  • Be stage

  • Be the place where everyone to grow up.

Content categories.

- NAFs: Inspire
Q: How can a person inspires others people?
A: Inspire others mainly is the interview people in any social level, finding them to answer what is their happiness and sadness. Purposely to make the audience accept the difference, and inspire them to be happy with life.
Q: How can the content save the world?
A: DIY, Zero Waste, Ecosystem, Urban Garden. Etc. The medium could be anything can be share on FB and Youtube.
- NAFs: ARTs
Q: How can the content raise ARTs to be more powerful in Thailand?
A: Will publish “arts”: paying attention interview the artist to encourage them and makes an audience understand the concept of Arts that arts are a tool to make the world to the better place.
- NAFs: Eat
Q: How can Eating inspire people?
A: The medium mostly to entertain and makes audience fully inspire from all the medium (VDO, Article etc.)
- NAFs: Style
Q: How can fashion inspires people?
A: Fun with fashion and be themselves with their fashion. The medium mostly be interview and photo set.                 

- NAFs: Health
Q: How can motivate our physical and mental in the better way?
A: Exercise, Food, processing and motivation from people around the world.                                          - NAFs: Trends
Q: How can we create the world as a better place trend?
A: Share all the good.
- NAFs: World
Q: What will the reader receive from reading this article?
A: Tell you a true story and news which is lately updated around the world

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