This is a drama series that tells the story of a girl named “Nit” who tried so hard to save her amusement park from a guy named “Lim” who always thinks about money. The most significant point in this story is about true love that could possibly transform someone’s feeling from hate, greed, and caring only for himself to become a man who has sympathy just because of Nit’s love. For over a year, we worked so hard to create this project for Thai consumers to reach, understand, and receive some points for consideration, and most importantly, enjoy watching a Thai TV drama. I had the opportunity to be an assistant scriptwriter from the beginning until the end of this project. Personally, the TV drama storyline is one of the most important parts to communicate to viewers because dramas are a favorite interest of the Thai people, as they provide entertainment, and are also an important form of media that can link the whole family together.



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