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MA Digital Direction,

School of Communication,

Royal College of Art

Bachelor of Fine and Applied Arts, Major in Visual Arts Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts
Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand





Technical drawing, Painting,

Rendering with ink and pen,

Woodworking, Printmaking,




Producing, Scriptwriting,

Acting, Directing, 

Concept and trend research,

Conceptual thinking



  • Digital Illustration and Photo Editing (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe        Flash Professional)

  • Creative Coding (Arduino, Processing (basic))

  • 3D Modelling (Cinema4D, Unity (basic))

  • Publication and Layout (InDesign, Presentation Programs)

  • Sound Design (REAPER)

  • Video Editing ( Adobe After EffectsFinal Cut Pro)






Year 2020

-   Worked with Cinema4D and movement video to accomplish the project for Isabel+Helen Studio, London

-   Currently work as a Creative Designer for

BlUlG Studio 

Year 2019

- Responsibility for sponsorship and donations in 'GAMUT' magazine. Which published in Pentagram London 

Year 2018

- Enrolled to Royal College of Art : MA Digital Direction

- Participated in viral commercial “Scotch Bird’s nest”.

- Participated in viral commercial "OPPO 10th

Year anniversary".

Year 2017

-  Participated in the production design and played a role in viral clip commercials on social media and Siam Center Point digital billboard “Do not care to be alone on valentine” produced by Platform co., Ltd.

-  Played a role in viral commercials “ Fuji Snail Cream ” For Fuji Snail.

-  Wrote a plot outline and played a role in

viral commercials “Bulgaria Yogurt” For

Dutch mill Yoghurt  

Year 2016

-  Worked as a creative and graphic design in Polyplus Entertainment Ltd, for Drama Series, Television Shows, and Commercial on social media.

-  Wrote a plot outline in Television Series “Buang rak Satan” produced by Polyplus Entertainment Ltd.

- Creating digital content including video, photographs and be an actor also for viral commercials “ Ploy, Fighter. ” For Kiatnakin Bank produced by Phenomena co., Ltd.

Year 2015

-  Participated in the production design in television commercials “ Coke Coca Cola Thailand, Coke break” produced by Phenomena co., Ltd.

-  Participated in played a role in television commercials “ Cute Press Evory Retouch Oil Control Foundation Powder” produced by Phenomena co., Ltd.

-  Being Actor and Director Continued Assistant in Television Series “Lued Tad Lued” produced by Polyplus Entertainment Ltd.

-  Work on the overall art direction for building “AMIS OFFICIAL” brand. Duties include product planning marketing strategy, design, and market research. The shop offered design services for cloth, texture, logo, tags etc.

Year 2014

- Worked as an internship of creative and graphic design in Plan B Media Public Company Limited.

Year 2013

-  Television commercials actor in “ Dermaction Plus Cleansing Water by Watsons ” produced by Phenomena co., Ltd.

-  Performances in Television Series “Cinderella’s Sandals” produced by Polyplus Entertainment Ltd.

-  Exhibited Art Thesis (photos & multimedia) on “Differences within Similarity” at Art Exhibition Hall,

Office of Academic Resources, Chulalongkorn University

Year 2012

- Presenter for photographic advertisements of Oriental Princess

Year 2011

-  Participated in acting in television commercials “Twisty Twice” produced by Phenomena co., Ltd.

-  Designed poster to promote campaign on “Let’s ride a bicycle!” for Thai Health Promotion Foundation

Year 2010

-  Owned a garment shop for female teenagers named “Influence” at Chatuchak Market. The shop offered design services for cloth, texture, logo, tags, bags etc.

fashion as well as acted as a forum for Thai teenagers to display their artworks and fashion.and-  Produced magazines title “Influence” which were distributed free-of-charge to people in business districts such as Siam Square, Chatuchak Market, Platinum Shopping Center etc. The targeted group was teenagers. The magazine focused on advertisements, marketing

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